Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of The North Carolina Council on Problem Gambling is to help compulsive gamblers and their families by providing crisis counseling and referral assistance.

Our Goals

  • To advocate for problem/compulsive gamblers and their families
  • To be available statewide via specific crisis help line
  • To raise awareness and provide education about compulsive gambling and the help that is available to the entire community of North Carolina
  • To maintain affiliation with the National Council on Problem Gambling in Washington D.C. as a member in good standing
  • To maintain and manage a statewide listing of behavioral health professionals in the treatment of problem/compulsive gambling
  • To centralize and coordinate all the efforts being made by the organizations in our State who are working to assist compulsive gamblers and their families with this growing and treatable disease
  • To identify and support children at risk due to problem gambling in their families


The North Carolina Council on Problem Gambling will provide:We will distribute to you literature for your staff and employees that educate and inform them of the state-wide resources for compulsive gamblers and their family members available to them through NCCPG.

We will issue training certificates to each employee who is trained by our staff.

We will consult with your key staff as needed on any issue related to compulsive gambling that they might need assistance with.